Wealth reporting

Case study by Kestrel


The CFO of a single family office approached us with a wish list of features which his ideal reporting system would have to enable him to make sense of disparate holdings scattered globally between custodians.


How we’ve helped

Using our portfolio monitoring and other systems we were able to provide an outsourced back office function for the single family office.
For the portfolios held across banks and custodians, these now report directly to us via direct data download, manual download by our team and by email. All statements and contract notes are processed by our back office team. The CFO as well as other users from the single family office are able to access the system remotely via secured Web and iPad access.
Detailed information on performance and fees is available and all data can be analysed. Reports can be tailored to provide a global consolidation of holdings and comparisons can be made between the performance of the various managers which can instantly be converted into any particular currency.

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