Wealth preservation

Case study by Kestrel

Having established a long-term structure which has protected and grown assets over time, the settlor turned his mind to ensuring that the needs of his grandchildren were safeguarded.

How we’ve helped

In order to limit the influence of parents’ over assets earmarked for their children and provide an additional level of protection from spendthrift parents and other circumstances, sub-funds of the main family trust were appointed each with a committee of trustees and protectors who would work with the particular grandchildren with a view to guiding them on the application of funds, whether for education, establishment of a business or investing.

A separate trust was established specifically to take care of a grandchild with a chronic condition who would require increased medical and other care and to provide for any other grandchildren who may in future require such care, whether due to accident or illness. Funds are invested with a view to providing appropriate levels of income and growth to ensure that there are sufficient liquid assets at all times to cater for these needs.

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