Portfolio diversification

Case study by Kestrel

The settlor of the trust was resident in a politically unstable country. His substantial agricultural holdings generated substantial wealth which he wished to hold outside his country of residence, thereby providing protection from economic and political upheaval.

How we’ve helped

Working with local advisers, a suitable structure was put in place which enabled the settlor to transparently externalise assets and thereby fulfil his first aim of diversifying his political and geographic risk.

Working with our portfolio management team who first assessed the risk profile, we used our portfolio selection and management system to run suitability checks on proposed investments in order to ensure that these were appropriate for the settlor‟s tax residence in order to strike the preferred balance between growth and capital preservation.

The bespoke reporting generated by our portfolio management system enables us to provide the settlor‟s local advisers with all data, in the form of a “tax-pack” which simplifies the settlor‟s annual reporting.

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