«In today’s environment, wealth management is a partnership between the family and the advisor. Open lines of communication and state of the art systems enable us to optimise the family’s goals, be they asset protection, growth or philanthropy».

Maurice Emery


Kestrel was started in the mid 1980’s in London as an investment management business for wealthy international families. The business moved to Switzerland shortly after that and grew into a boutique provider of Trust and Company Management services.

We have always been, and remain, owned by management and this fierce independence allows us to put out client’s interests first.

Our clients are diverse and are from all backgrounds and include wealth creators and later generations. Our management team is multi-disciplinary and this range of Accounting, Legal and Financial skills enables us to adapt to our clients’ changing needs and to provide bespoke services and solutions.


What we offer
Our state of the art IT systems allow family members, family offices and their advisers to have instant access to financial information. In-depth analytical tools provide the necessary support to take crucial decisions when faced with fast-changing circumstances.


Core services and coverage
Whether acting as trustees or wealth managers, our independence is key and our inter-generational approach enables us to provide a unique perspective on challenges that families face. Based in Switzerland, our highly experienced multi-disciplinary team is always at your side.


Helping our clients monitor their positions and performance with accuracy

The importance of having accurate, up to the minute financial information instantly available cannot be underestimated. As trustees and wealth managers we are acutely aware of this and have leveraged our experience and IT infrastructure to provide an integrated financial reporting and portfolio monitoring system to our own clients as well as to third party single and multi-family offices.

Our structures hold everything from traditional bankable assets through real estate, artwork and antiques, yachts and other lifestyle assets. Our independence allows us complete flexibility when it comes to the asset classes held by the entities we administer, having no restric-tion on the type or location of the assets.

Technology has always been central to our services, enabling us to provide services accurately and efficiently across time zones. Our recently launched iPad App and Web Portal enable clients and their advisers to access information on their portfolios and to consolidate multiple portfolios across diverse managers and custodians regardless of where these are held.

Behind the App and Portal is our complex Portfolio Management Software and infrastructure including dedicated accounting and support staff who monitor and process the data and ensure that the information provided is kept accurate and up-to-date.
Our sophisticated systems enable us to monitor and report on any asset and we presently do so for all types of financial assets including private equity, hedge funds and illiquid investments, including art collections and real estate.


Clients have the control: Assets do not necessarily need to be held by Kestrel


The beauty of the system is that it enables us to provide financial reporting across all custodians. We only need to be provided with copies of the contract notes, statements or valuations to be able to process the data and provide access to the information.

In cases where financial assets are held with custodians with whom we have or can set up a direct data feed, the process of obtaining valuations is, of course, simplified.
The system is also available to single and to multi-family offices for personal and entity accounts and our services do not require us to act as trustee or directors of any entities that benefit from the system.

Insight by Kestrel

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