Keech Green

“Working with the finest materials and craftsmen we strive to create interiors that are timeless in terms of design and style. This desire for longevity ensures that we rise above the prevalence of short term ‘fashion statements’ that pervade the design industry” 

Graham Green



“Established in London in 2002 when my business partner Michael Keech and I left our respective positions at Ralph Lauren, Keech Green has paved the way in defining a sharply-tailored, gentleman´s approach to Interior Design. With completed projects across the globe – ranging from apartments in New York, to chalets in Switzerland, to private super-yachts birthed in Monaco – we adhere to a very “hands-on approach” with each and every client, regardless of the size of the assignment or the team working on it.”


Interview with Graham Green

What are you currently working on?

We are currently engaged on the interior design and furnishing of a 48,000 sq/ft new-build Baroque-style country house in Yorkshire, refurbishing an apartment in Geneva, re-configuring and designing a property in Knightsbridge and – of course – making further waves into the luxury yacht industry!


What makes you different?

We offer a full design service, covering all aspects of interior design and architectural detail. And we have the capability to make everything bespoke, be it furniture, lighting, door handles… The list is endless.


What should a client expect when working with you?

A thorough understanding of each other; our projects, needless to say, are often fairly lengthy procedures, during which time we will undoubtedly spend a fair bit of time with the client. We therefore get to know them extremely well – the myriad of idiosyncrasies that make up their person – and it is therefore very flattering that we receive a lot of repeat business. As I like to say, “An interior-designer is for life (not just for Christmas)!”

Insight by Keech Green

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