Jet ownership structuring

Case study by Döhle


We were requested to assist with the structuring of an aircraft that a client was looking to purchase. The client had businesses that were located across the globe. Given his extensive travel, a corporate aircraft was the only solution to allow him to develop his businesses. The aircraft needed to travel within Europe. The aircraft would be used solely by the client’s corporate group and the flights charged within the group of companies.

The aircraft was going to be used for the client’s business purposes within his corporate group. We were able to establish an Isle of Man ownership structure and register for VAT, allowing the VAT due to be recovered. This allowed us to fully import the aircraft into the EU for free circulation. Due to the Isle of Man deferment solution, the client did not need to fund the VAT due on importation, providing a significant cash flow advantage. We were also able to register the aircraft on the Isle of Man Aircraft Register as it met the requirements.

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