Jet acquisition

Case study by av8jet


Our client’s brief was quite simple, they needed a 6 passenger seat jet, with European range, for around 50 and 100 hours per annum. Budget undefined. However, they wished to offset their operating costs against Charter Usage.

We produced the financial model, looked at projected income from Charter and advised on the various options and types. With the benefit of our advice and report, the client decided that with their low level of usage, that there was not a cost justification. Whilst on this occasion the result was not in favour of acquisition, this unbiased advice is why our clients are typically referred to us, as we don’t look to sell them something they don’t need!

How we can help

Jet ownership is life changing. Everyone would love to buy their own jet and for those that wish to do so, we can facilitate that supporting them throughout that process. For those clients that wish to look at older aircraft we have experience in helping them acquire them at huge cost savings and then fitting new interiors/paint/cabin entertainment to their own specification. This is typically combined with maintenance, and this approach can offer a more reasonable cost alternative to acquiring new.

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