«A family office software helps you to automatize processes, consolidate reports, support your staff with powerful tools and connect the family members around the world in a secure and efficient way. Expersoft systems helps you to find the right solution for your business model and personal situation.»

René Raabe


Expersoft Systems offers a complete seamless solution including PMS & CRM software, back office, compliance, and consulting services allowing Family Offices to focus on core business matters.
More than 120 Family Offices worldwide rely on the awarded PMS & CRM software PM1 to run their daily business such as consolidation, performance monito-ring, bankable and non-bankable asset management.


Interview of René Raabe from Expersoft






What are you currently working on?

Expersoft Systems has recently launched a subsidiary company called AM-One Ltd.
AM-One is the first comprehensive one-stop-shop solution provider for Family Offices. The solution offers a strong Portfolio Management and CRM application which is integrated with best-in class back office services for automated management of the custodian banks’ incoming data feeds, quality checks and enrichments, as well as compliance services enabled by the application.
AM-One supports the digitalization process from client on-boarding to lifecycle manage-ment. To support Family Offices in improving their operating model, AM-One also offers consulting services in operational process improvement, taking full advantage of the po-tential of AM-One‟s new state-of-the-art tools.


What makes you different?

Expersoft Systems is a Swiss based, 100% independent, privately owned company with a proven 25+ year track record, an experienced team of 200 people with strong IT and/or banking background serving, out of ten company locations, more than 600 clients worldwide. These clients manage asset of over USD3 trillion via the PM1 system, a globally awarded solution in Switzerland, Europe and Asia.


What should a client expect when working with you?

Our clients can expect Swiss quality standards such as trustworthiness and accuracy, combined with state of the art technology solutions. We are helping clients to improve and automatize processes and reach efficiency gains of 30% or more while reducing their operational cost. Expersoft Systems is an experienced company with a mature product looking to expand its global client community by building new long term client relationships.

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    Philipp Bisang, CEO
    +41 41 747 1181
    Hinterbergstrasse 20, 6312 Steinhausen b. Zug, Switzerland

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