«However, choose your management company carefully, because you’re putting your safety, regulatory obligations and aircraft expenditure all in one place! »

John Norris

Av8jet represent the owners’ interests in the life cycle of their jet asset, from acquisition advice, through management to ultimate sale.
By focusing on Owners´ needs and not charter clients we deliver high service combined with cost effectiveness over the life cycle of the asset.



We work for you

When you’re investing potentially millions in an aircraft, you need a representative who is going to protect your interests, and not their own pocket. With the experience of having bought and sold more than 200 aircraft and more than 35 years in aviation, we pride ourselves on our unbiased advice.
Our acquisition service is comprehensive and includes mission analysis, finance, budget preparation, model selection, valuation, contract negotiation, survey and delivery. We coordinate the whole process including setup of ownership structures, legal advice and aircraft registration.
We work with many other companies from corporate service providers, tax specialists and legal teams to ensure that the structure of your ownership protects yourself and your investment.


Safety, Compliance & Service

Take care, when you choose a management company to look after your aircraft, because you should be expecting much more high service, but safety and an eye for cost control too!
Balancing those conflicting requirements is the key, because delivering safety; regulatory compliance; high service to the owner whilst maintaining cost control is a continuous process that requires experience to know what compromise is safe and appropriate.
Our services include Flight Plan-ning and Operational Support, Cost Control and Management, Crew Management and Technical Oversight.
The nucleus of Av8jet is a small team who have decades of experience in management aircraft globally, and across all types of Jet.


Global Presence

There are a multitude of brokers who will all try and claim your business, telling you they have buyers, or they can get you the best price. Av8jet are part of a Global network of brokers (www.gab.aero) who work together to ensure that the aircraft is listed for sale and promoted worldwide. By careful preparation of technical details, promotional videos, and market intelligence we aim to deliver added value to our clients. Ultimately, the goal is to maximise the price and we have two approaches, one through open marketing/advertising, giving the aircraft the best exposure.
The alternative approach, is an “off market” more discrete targeted approach to selling, and this is something that we are very familiar with and can advise on.


Safety & Fatigue Management

It shouldn’t be assumed that all Operators are on par. Safety is very much down to the culture of the Operator, not just the Regulatory Compliance. Whilst all Jet Operators in Europe must have a Safety Management System, our proprietary system forms the backbone of our management of your aircraft.
At the heart of our system are Safety Risk & Safety Assurance processes as well as Training.
We were also one of the first operators in Europe to design and build their own a Fatigue Risk Management System.
We recognize in having crew that are well rested, and putting safety first … this is in everyone´s interests.


Legislation Changes

In 2016, all European private jet operators were affected by 1185 new rules under EU regulation 965/2012, which required operators to produce Operations Manuals; create Safety Management Systems; and discharge many training requirements for all personnel,that previously affected only charter companies.
Even offshore operators are affected by new rules as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) brought in similar recommendations recently and many authorities (e.g. the Isle of Man Aviation Regulator) amended their own legislation (Air Navigation Order 2016) to include these ICAO Annex 6 Part II changes for Large and Turbo jet aircraft.
Keeping abreast of these changes and implementing solutions is something that is part of our service.


Total Service
Our Management service is designed to reduce the day to day hassle of organising the logistics of the aircraft. We provide:

  • 24/7 Flight Planning and Operational Support
  • Financial Cost Control and Management
  • Crew Management
  • Technical Oversight

The aircraft we manage are not chartered, thus our focus is solely on the Owner. Importantly all aircraft expenses are transparent to the Owner, so there are no hidden extras or commissions for owners beyond our agreed management fees.


Interview with John Norris, av8jet Managing Director

What are you currently working on?
A range of sales and management projects including a Hawker 900XP, Citation and Falcon 900LX sale plus Challenger 604 acquisition.

What makes you different?
Our passion for this industry. I have been flying since I was 16, and having worked in Aviation for more than 35 years.

What should a client expect when working with you?
Knowledge, Experience, Integrity, Professionalism and a Transparency.

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